Demon Teemo - League Of Legends Community Fan Art

[Rift Artisans] DemonTeemo - Skin Spotlight

Antoine dupuis 01

Close up shot

Marmoset Viewer

Antoine dupuis 02

Front & Back view

Antoine dupuis 03

Wires & texture sheets

Antoine dupuis 04


Demon Teemo is the first creation of a group of League Of Legends fans calling themselves the Rift Artisans.
We are a team of passionnate developers who want to have fun creating fan content based on the game, while improving our respective skills. We aim at creating complete skins for existing champions in League, from concept art to finished 3D model with animations, VFX, sounds, SFX, music, and voice acting.
We are NOT making "Custom skins" for League.

I am in charge of making the 3D models and textures, which is tons of fun for me. This first creation has been a blast to work on, and it has been a pleasure getting to know new friends sharing the same passion.
We had the honor to get direct feedback from the guys at Riot through our process, which is amazing and I am grateful for.

Head over to to see the whole reveal page, read the lore, and stay tuned for our future projects!