Mega Gnar - League Of Legends fanart

Antoine dupuis 01 beautyshot rework

Beautyshot of Gnar furiously chasing a bird for no reason.

Antoine dupuis 02 mockup

Mockup of my model on Riot's Summoner's Rift, to see if it would fit in the game.

Antoine dupuis 03 closeups

Front and back close-ups.

Marmoset Viewer.

Sketchfab Viewer.

Antoine dupuis 04 wirestextures

Wires and textures.

Antoine dupuis 05 sculpt

Sculpt base used to bake, retopo, and start painting with an AO base.

Featured in Polycount Recap July 2016:


This is a fanart of a cool character from one of my favourite games, League Of Legends.
His name is Gnar, and this is his super badass form, when he gets upset. He is not my favorite champion in the game (this place has been held by Lee Sin for years #QQ2WR) but I wanted to make an animal/beast for once, and Mega Gnar is just perfect in terms of colors and shape. So here it is!

It is both a study and a fan art, tried to be the closest I could to the official model.
I also did the skeleton/skin/basic rig setup myself, but that's sooo not my thing.

WIP Thread:

Hope you enjoy it! Any feedback appreciated!

The LoL logo, the summoner's rift screenshot, are from Riot, found on web.