INKTOBER - Metal Logos

General / 10 November 2019

Hey guys!

As some of you may know, it's not a secret that I am a huge metal music fan. I also have been passionate about the imagery in metal, particularly logos. That's why this year I decided to take part in Inktober, but instead of doing sketches I did black and white metal logos. I also wanted to have a little break from 3D and experiment being creative with other stuff. So doing this made perfect sense at this moment!

I basically followed every day's prompt from the official list, and without thinking about the meaning of the word (I sometimes did though) I just tried to do a cool logo that would play with shapes, styles, symmetry, and would remind of known metal imagery and genres.

Here are all the images, starting with a big one summarizing all of the 31 days!



General / 02 June 2019

Hello guys, here is a wip of this little guy you probably know from your childhood. :)

Baked a simple sculpt then handpainted over, unlit diffuse only.

Lots of work still to be done on this one, but I'm taking my time. Also I might jump on the ArtStation challenge again so I'm not sure I'll finish this one before.

Stay tuned for more, see you dattebayoooooo 

ZB2019 NPR fun

General / 09 March 2019

Hello peeps,

you guys probably saw a lot of other peeps play with the new NPR filters from ZBrush but I just had fun playing with some of my characters and the filters, thought I'd post them here. :>





These pixel art ones are pretty fun, wonder if I can use them for creating sprites out of sculpts


Matt Heafy (TRIVIUM) zbrush fun session

General / 25 September 2018

Soundtrack to this blogpost: Trivium - Shogun

Hey guyyyyyys, here comes my fun zbrush sculpt number 2: Matt Heafy, singer, guitarist and frontman from Trivium!

This guy is one of my favorite people in the music scene. So I made him the study of another likeness/fun sculpt session.

Personal thoughts on Matt Heafy/Trivium
He inspired me so much on many levels, from his music to his inspirational speeches on failure, side projects on food and art...
At some point, he cut his long hair and donated it to a foundation called Locks Of Love (in Orlando), they make wigs for young kids who have no hair due to illness. It inspired me and I did the same once my hair was long enough. And I am almost ready to make my second hair donation.
And now he has been streaming video games, guitar, singing, and even whole Trivium shows on Twitch for some time. I think that's just awesome. So I thought, would he find it cool to see himself as a stylised 3D character?
Funny enough, the first time I heard Trivium, it was the song "Dying in your arms" and I found it boring. To this day, I have been to 4 Trivium shows and am excited for the next one I can attend.


Unprocessed screenshot:

Thanks for checking my art. I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I'm having fun combining my two big passions for 3D and metal music.
Feel free to give feedback as always!

Cheers \m/


Othercide Gamescom 2018 - Gameplay Footage (my characters!)

General / 24 September 2018

Hey guys!

So our team here at Lightbulb Crew went to Gamescom to showcase Othercide to press people. Here is the video containing some gameplay footage they had shown there!

I can finally show the characters I have done for the game moving and fighting! That is so exciting!

In all the visuals you can see I did the female characters (also helped a bit on the environment/prop), while the enemies were done by my buddy Christophe Desbois. The Art team is lead by Alexandre Chaudret, and the concept art is done by Sebastien De Louvigny and Marine Coiffard.

Here are some screenshots of my ladies:

Check out Othercide on Steam to see more screenshots and information about the game!

Also we should be unveiling some new characters and monsters soon through WIPs and screenshots on Twitter!

I can't wait to show you guys more stuff on the game, I am definitely having a blast working on this project.
Also, I'll be posting more personal projects very VERY soon!

Stay tuned!


Revealing Othercide, the game I've been working on at LightbulbCrew

General / 08 August 2018

Hey everyone!

So proud today to reveal the project we've been working on at Lightbulb Crew this last year, on which I've been creating characters.

Othercide is a horror themed tactical turn based game where you are the last hope of humanity in a desperate struggle to prevent reality from shattering.

"There Is an eternal war raging between light and darkness. For centuries, what sleeps in this dark reality has fed off our nightmares. Today, our reality is in danger and keeping the Others out of our reality will be your salvation… You are the last hope to prevent reality from shattering! But, are you be strong enough to discover what lies on the other side?”

I made all the characters you can see in our first teaser. It's been huge fun already to work on the game with a bunch of talented people.
I especially worked closely with:
Alexandre Chaudret (Art Director)
Seb De Louvigny (Concept Artist)
Marine Coiffard (Concept Artist)

See more and follow the game on social media! (I promise it's gonna be cool!)


And feel free to share about it with people who love these kind of universes and games!


Tatiana (JINJER) Fun sculpt session

General / 04 August 2018

Soundtrack to this blogpost: Jinjer - Pisces

Hey everyone,

I was having fun on zbrush last night, wanting to sculpt a badass metalhead woman, and it turned into kind of a likeness study of Tatiana Shmaylyuk from JINJER, which is one of my new favorite metal bands.
I also had fun playing with rendering to get a nice mood.

EDIT: She saw my sculpt on instagram and reposted it, that's awesome! \m/

  More unprocessed screenshots:

I hope I did her justice, or at least didn't butcher her pretty face too much, lol.
I'm probably gonna do more stuff like this as this was tons of fun. I even have someone in mind for the next fun session... (hint: maaaaaybe someone from a band from Orlando, Florida?)

Free stylized male basemesh on cubebrush!

General / 08 July 2018

Hey guys!

I am opening a store on Cubebrush!

I'm sharing a first resource which is a stylized male basemesh, to help you save time when you start one in zBrush, it is fully polygrouped so you can easily isolate parts to work on.

Download on cubebrush

The price is what YOU want it to be, you can get it for free or put a few bucks in if you want. :)

You might think the basemesh looks like the 88MPH Ezreal I did, and you'd be right. It is the basemesh I made for this character, and will continue to use on next projects.

If there is stuff you want to see me put on cubebrush, any tutorial ideas or resources, feel free to tell me!




Firekeeper Zelda - Texturing feels like a Dark Souls boss

General / 03 June 2018

Working countless hours on this cutie. This is my first actual try at realistic texturing, and I'm having a hard time. It's still very WIP but I'm kinda struggling, especially to get a nice leather. But yeah I'm not confident with how it looks yet so it needs a lot more work.

Hair mod is still wip and I haven't added all the ornamental thingies on the cloth yet
Any feedback more than welcome!

Aaaaaaaaaand getting back at it after dinner...

Firekeeper Zelda - Sculpt done?

General / 15 May 2018

Here it is, not exactly 100% happy with everything but I need to move one, only one month left until the deadline and for me it will only be week days and only one weekend over a month D:

Need to hurryyyyyyyyyy but also doing a render of the sculpt at 1am cause I'm stupid like that