Firekeeper Zelda - Retrogasm 2018

Antoine dupuis legendtext
Antoine dupuis shot 02

Firekeeper Zelda - Teaser - Retrogasm 2018

Antoine dupuis shot 01
Antoine dupuis shot 06
Antoine dupuis shot 04
Antoine dupuis shot 03
Antoine dupuis shot 05

Marmoset viewer. I had to delete a few lights and reduce textures to 2k max so the viewer file fits on artstation.

Antoine dupuis shot 08

Turn around.

Antoine dupuis shot 09

Turn around with wireframes.

Antoine dupuis shot 07

High-poly sculpt.

Antoine dupuis shot 10

Texture sets.

Antoine dupuis processgif

Process GIF from first sculpt state to posed and rendered model.

Antoine dupuis shot 11


I won third place! @judges thanks so much!
Here is my entry for Retrogasm 2018!

I chose Princess Zelda from The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Gamecube). I mainly used her two different appearances in the game (the dark hooded one when she hides in the twilight; and the bright classic one we all know) to redesign her a bit and turning her into a more realistic style.

I also added a little twist to the project: As I always thought that Twilight Princess and Dark Souls had very similar moods and similarities in their worlds, if Twilight Princess were to be redone in a more mature/realistic style, it would be close to a Dark Souls game. So I imagined a plot for the final scene that would embrace both these worlds.

Polycount Thread:

Thanks to every friend or peer who gave me feedback. Biggest thanks to my friend Alexandre Chaudret for helping me grow as an artist (a little bit) faster.