88 MPH Ezreal - Riot Creative Contest 2017

Antoine dupuis 01 beautyshot


Antoine dupuis 02 compositeshot

Composite shot

Antoine dupuis 04 sculptshot

High-poly sculpt shot

Antoine dupuis 03 constructionshot

Construction shot (wireframe, refs, concept)

Marmoset Viewer

Sketchfab Viewer

88MPH Ezreal - Teaser

Hey guys, here is my entry for the Character Art category of the Riot Creative Contest 2017.

88MPH Ezreal is a retro sci-fi themed skin inspired by 80s movies and pop culture.

Huge thanks to Polycount forums and Riot Games for holding such a contest, and to every contestant who I shared feedback with, that was a really fun, creative process.

Polycount thread:

EDIT: I received a honorable mention for 88MPH Ezreal! YAY!