Games Of Glory - Character work

I've been working on Games Of Glory since December 2016 as a Character Artist at Lightbulb Crew.

All the following assets were done by myself, except when mentioned.
Sculpts are done in zBrush, low poly models in Maya and 3DCoat, texturing in Substance Painter.
In game screenshots are rendered in Unity, other low-poly renders are done in Marmoset Toolbag 2.

More characters sculpts and assets coming soon once officially released.

Games of Glory - Open Beta Announcement Trailer | PS4

Games of Glory - PSX 2016 Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Antoine dupuis 01 sagahex

Saga's head - Highpoly

Antoine dupuis 06 sagahex

Saga's head - Lowpoly

Antoine dupuis 13 sagaears

Saga's Cat Ears - Highpoly

Antoine dupuis 02 headmasks

Grendel and Junko's Masks - Highpoly

Antoine dupuis 07 grendelmask

Grendel's Mask - Lowpoly

Antoine dupuis 11 junkoturban

Junko's Turban - Highpoly

Antoine dupuis 12 mollyheadphones

Molly's Headet - Highpoly - Headphones by Nicolas Ruffin

Antoine dupuis 10 pintonerdmask

Pinto's Nerd Mask - Highpoly - Mask by David Geraud

Antoine dupuis 09 byornnerdmask

Byorn's Nerd Mask - Highpoly